Sorth LLC Invoice #4
3417 Evanston Ave N. Ste. 527Apr 27, 2009
Seattle, WA 98103Client: John Smith
206-123-4567Reference #: 38344
info@sorth.comTerms: Due On Receipt
Project: Smith Remodel (Bathroom update)
Hours Detail: (27.75 Hours)
May 4, 2008Framing:General wood framing - Roughed-in new shower area.4.75$85.00$403.75
May 8, 2008Framing:General wood framing - Added bathroom interior wall. Roughed-in new sink and vanity.7.50$85.00$637.50
May 9, 2008Plumbing:Plumbing rough in/fixtures - Added new supply line for shower. Removed old pipes, shower head and faucet.6.75$95.00$641.25
May 12, 2008Electrical:Electrical wiring - Installed new wiring for bathroom exhaust fan and new vanity lighting.8.75$75.00$656.25
Items Detail: (2.00 Items)
Oct 15, 2008Mileage:Auto miles to jobsite - Miles to and from Smith residence23.00$0.40$9.20
Oct 15, 2008Masonry saw blade1.00$34.67$34.67
 Subtotal:  $2,382.62
 WA State 9.00%:  $214.44
Total:  $2,597.06
Total Payments:  $0.00
Thanks for your business!Amount Due:  $2,597.06